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In the Indian tradition they have a lotta names for GOD, but one of the main dudes is Shiva..and HE is the god of the dancers...yeah

In fact the Eastern wise ones see life as being nothing but a Cosmic Dance, a movement and play of Shiva’s energy

So basically we’re just part of one great Interstellar Galactic Disco..yeah.

I know you think you’re important -but life is not much more than a boogie-woogie

So basically a lotta my art comes out of being in tune with the groove, the rhythm, the essential FUNK of life...its my expression of dance n ecstacy and happiness through paint

I call this art-work the Cosmic Funk


I paint purely to see the intrinsic beauty of Colours

To see them Dance with one another

To see their never-ending possibilities and the relationships that exist between them,

I did not create these Colours, they already exist

All that I do as an Artist is play with them

These Colours possess innate Powers

The Power to uplift

The Power to stimulate

The Power to soothe

And the Power to En-Light-en you

I let the Colours express what I’m feeling at the time

Each painting has a different mood, a different flavour

Each and every one expresses a unique state of being

You could say that I’m a colourful guy

Yet I’m only expressing what I see and feel all around me

I’m just in love with Colour and all that I do is express my Love

Yes, these are Heart Paintings

Paintings from my heart- not from my mind or my intellect

These are the songs of my Soul

Ailon Free
Ailon Free

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